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Tendonworks Mk2
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Tendonworks Mk2

(Includes 1 x pack of 4, 2in by 2in square re-usable re-ply electrodes, 4 x sterile alcowipes).
Research has shown that micro-current has the greatest potential of all present electrical stimulation based therapies. Cellular activity and intercellular communication is regulated chemically and electrically and this biological communication process is essential to the maintenance of most physiological processes and is a vital function to repair damaged tissue. Measurable research outcomes indicate that a controlled and cell specific micro-current application stimulates, restores and optimizes the intra/extra-cellular molecular balance; for example it results in a significant increase in the uptake of amino-isobutyric acid which is essential for protein synthesis and trans-membrane transport. This results in a quicker regenerative cycle which facilitates a speedier and better quality repair of damaged tissue.

Price: £199.99